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Pony Experience

Do you ever want to grab a pony, take them for a walk and share a snack with them ?

Now you can ! We now offer a pony experience, you can take a horse on lead and take for a walk in our beautiful cross country arena on our acreage property. If a friend, family member or yourself has ever wanted to just wanted to spend time with a horse without riding them, this is the perfect experience for you. 

Horses are known to be calming animals, combined with the beautiful fresh air and luscious green grass, you are bound to have a beautiful, relaxing experience. The ponies are waiting for you ! Book now !

What to bring ?

You are most welcome to bring your own picnic and refreshments to enjoy during your pony experience. We ask that you please do not  share these with our horses (no matter how much they ask you to share). There is plenty of grass for the horses to graze on during your times together.

Some foods are toxic to horses, so please refrain from sharing!

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