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Whether your goals are recreational or to take your existing advanced riding skills to new heights, our professional coaches at GCEC will tailor lessons to meet your needs.  We have school horses and ponies on site that will be matched to your ability and goals and our friendly coaches will work with you to ensure your safety and progress.


Tues - Sat

Trial Lesson

Thinking of learning to ride a horse - or thinking of getting back on?  Come enjoy the services and facilities GCEC has to offer and book in for a trial lesson. Trial lessons last for 30 minutes and are a great way to meet everyone at GCEC especially the horses and ponies. It also gives our coaches an opportunity to assess your level and then we can chat with you about the best fit for lessons. 

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School Holidays

Holiday Camps 

During Gold Coast public school holidays, we often offer holiday camps, which are 3 day camps that involve 2 lessons per day, where we teach various disciplines, 1 theory session a day, where kids will learn theoretical components of horse riding, and a picnic by the river at lunch. Holiday camps are truly a favourite for the kids. Feel free to contact us now to inquire about the next holiday camp.


Wednesday - Saturday

Private Lesson : max 2 riders 

Private lessons are the best way to kick start you rider training. Our professional coaches will provide you with assessment and training to ensure you are able to ride a minimum standard enabling you to join in our regular rider training sessions.  Private lessons are provided at the discretion of our head coach who will also determine if you are ready to progress to the next level.

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Tues - Sat

Trail Ride

Trail Rides are a great experience if you just want to get a taste of horse riding but don't want to get too serious. During a trail ride, we will give you a 15 minute lesson to teach you to control your horse and the we will take you on a 45 minute tour of our beautiful 60 acre hinterland property, including a scenic route along the river. A very relaxing experience and an amazing gift for anyone, including yourself.


Tues - Sat

Group Lesson

Group Lessons are an awesome format as it allows children to ride with other children, creating friendships and a fun, dynamic atmosphere for all the riders. Furthermore, groups for group lessons are selected carefully bases on rider levels meaning that the lesson will be tailored to your child's level and will allow him to progress at a comfortable pace. Group lessons are also the cheapest lessons we offer. 

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