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At GCEC, there is always something to do. We organise a lot of different types of activities for our members to enjoy all year long and to discover new activities around horses or ponies.

During school holidays, we organise a 2.5 day camp for children under 17 yo. This a great way for children to discover the horse world and not only just horse-riding and to have some fun with their friends.

Every 5 weeks, we hold a competition at GCEC on Sundays. This a great way for riders to put in practice everything they learned during their lessons. Riders can participate in Equitation and Jumping courses.

We also bring our riders to outside competitions.

At the end of each year, our riders have the opportunity to present a carrousel to the parents, family and friends to show everything they learned during the year and all the progress they made! And to make it even more memorable, this event has a dress code so children and adults have to be dressed up for the occasion! 

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