Terms & Conditions

Catch ups/missed lessons :

Please note we do have a no refund and no cancellation policy. We do accept to reschedule with 7 business days notice. ( We organise our lessons schedule 7 days in advance to integrate number of hours our horses and coaches do, we also have limited arenas etc ).If your child is sick and cannot attend a lesson, and we are made aware on the day of the lesson - we are able to organise a catch up if a medical certificate is provided. 

Thanks for your understanding.

Uniforms :

All GCEC Member riders are required to wear our uniform. Our uniform includes a GCEC Polo, riding pants, boots, chaps & gloves. Members must also purchase their own helmet, fitted appropriately for safety. Riders under 18 years, and those who partake in Jumping Lessons must also have their own Level 1 Body Protector.

We have an on-site equestrian gear boutique, where members can purchase their uniform & be fitted appropriately for safety by our experienced staff and coaches.

Wet/inclement weather :

At GCEC, our facilities are unrivalled on the Gold Coast. We are lucky to house an Olympic sized dressage arena, meaning that in the event of wet weather, all lessons will still run. In the event that the weather is unsafe to operate, riders will be made aware in advance via phone or text. If GCEC has to cancel lessons due to inclement weather, riders will be provided a catch up lesson as organised by GCEC. For trail rides, if our trial is too unsafe to be used due to the rain, riders will be substituted with a 1 hour private lesson undercover with one of our experienced coaches. Please note : refunds will not be provided in these circumstances.


We consider respect to be paramount at GCEC. Our coaches and staff are required to maintain professionalism and respect to clients at all times. In turn, we expect the same from all riders and clients. Equally, we welcome all feedback from riders openly and are always looking for ways we can improve the experiences we offer. Any disrespectful treatment of our horses, other riders or coaches will result in the request that you leave the premises. Thank you!