At Gold Coast Equestrian Centre, our horses and ponies are part of our family.

All our ponies have come to us as part of our breeding program and we have cared for them and trained them from foals.

We love them and we would love to keep them all but rarely, we offer one of our amazing ponies/horses for sale.


When we sell one of our horses or ponies, you can be guaranteed that you are getting the best trained horse or pony that your money can buy. Our ponies have been broken in by us and have been trained by qualified professionals to be ridden in the riding school by students from beginner to advanced levels. Our ponies and horses have been lovingly trained by our coaches to bring out their best. 


There is nothing we don't know about our ponies and horses. There are no hidden stories, or injuries. Most of our ponies have had one owner, us, and they have had a wonderful life. If our horses have had a previous owner, we have made certain that we know everything there is to know about the horse. After all, we are here for the benefit of our students and clients; our goal is to educate successful and happy riders in a safe and rewarding environment.

We have sold ponies and horses Australia wide and also overseas, our name and reputation is trusted.


Our ponies have been bred and trained to be the most reliable and safe ponies anywhere in Australia. The ponies that we have for sale have been performing perfectly within the riding school for a few years; we feel they are ready for their forever home and a more relaxed life with an owner to love. Given the training, the proven reliability and security that is inherent in all our ponies, you will not find their equal anywhere else in Australia. 


You can rely on the reputation of GCEC, our coaches and staff when looking for your horse.

If you are interrested in trying one of our great ponies or horses, we will ask you to book for a Trial Lesson with one of our experienced coaches: $90 for 30 minutes when trying one horse. This included professional advice during and after your trial. We coach riders of all levels all year, so it is easy for us to guide you and to assess both rider and horse together.

We are very honest in our judgement as we want our pony/horse to be happy in his future family.

If you are happy and want to organise a vet check, we can assist your chosen vet for the price of $160, deducted of horse sale price.  


Rembrandt has found a loving family and his forever home on the Sunshine Coast. We wish him and his new family all the best.


Ulysses left the Gold Coast Equestrian Centre to join a wonderful family based in Sydney. We wish them a lovely adventure together. 


Henry found his forever loving family based around Brisbane. We wish them so much love and fun together.