We have created this successful horsemanship program that is run every week with a group of young adults and children with varying impairements. There is a genuine connection between horse and human that demontrates just how beneficial and therapeutic this program is.
The initial phase of our horsemanship Program involves the learning about horses body and safety around horses.
Grooming horses and making a connection is also an integral part of this initial phase.
We then move onto how to walk and lead a horse successfully.

Following these stages each participant then learns about the differing equipment that is used on each and every horse.
We are very proud of our horses, we have bred and trained to be safe, and they are beyond that.
We are very passionate when it comes to this very unique program and are encouraging families and friends to join us.
We would love to extend this program out to young children / adults that are experiencing any form of isolation, loneliness, bullying or mental health associated concerns.


If you have any enquiries or would like to discuss further information please contact Melanie or Daniele on 0499 099 901 or email gcequestinfo@gmail.com