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End of the year show

At GCEC, we are celebrating the end of the year with a nice horse show.

This event is for everybody at GCEC including riders, non riders, parents, family and friends.

This special occasion is a good way for the riders to show everything they have learned during the year by doing a carrousel.


A group of riders have to do a combination of different dressage mouvements on a rhythm with a music.

With the help of their coaches, they learn every dressage mouvements individually and then the riders have to memorise every mouvements to do them one after another, all riders have be synchronised to perform the mouvements and they have to respect the tempo of the music too.


This is not an easy exercice, but every single year, all of our riders from beginners to advance level, children to adults, are looking forward for that time of the year. And the must of this show is that the riders have to be dress up and this can also include horses and ponies!

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