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Horses and Ponies for Sale :

At Gold Coast Equestrian Centre, our horses and ponies are part of our family.

All our ponies have come to us as part of our breeding program and we have cared for them and trained them from foals.

                                                   We love them and will choose their future home carefully. Equestrian Centre, our horses and ponies are part of our family.

AllPlease view our ads with photos and videos on our facebook or youtube profile :

Please note : Trialing our horses for sale is 45 minutes for $135.00

Currently for sale :

FROST (9hh Shetland Mare) :

BALTHAZAR (14hh Pinto Gelding, Connemara x Welsh) :

Send us a message there for enquiries, and if possible please let us know exactly what you are after with videos of your rider, We coach all levels on our horses and seeing a video of you riding will help you find the perfect fit.

Not all horses are advertised, as we may accept to sell one who is your perfect match but wasn't for sale.

When we sell one of our horses or ponies, you can be guaranteed that you are getting the best trained horse or pony that your money can buy. Our ponies have been broken in by us and have been trained by qualified professionals to be ridden in the riding school by students from beginner to advanced levels. Our ponies and horses have been lovingly trained by our coaches to bring out their best. 


There is nothing we don't know about our ponies and horses. There are no hidden stories, or injuries. Most of our ponies have had one owner, us, and they have had a wonderful life. If our horses have had a previous owner, we have made certain that we know everything there is to know about the horse. After all, we are here for the benefit of our students and clients; our goal is to educate successful and happy riders in a safe and rewarding environment.

We have sold ponies and horses Australia wide and also overseas, our name and reputation is trusted.


Our ponies have been bred and trained to be the most reliable and safe ponies anywhere in Australia. The ponies that we have for sale have been performing perfectly within the riding school for a few years; we feel they are ready for their forever home and a more relaxed life with an owner to love. Given the training, the proven reliability and security that is inherent in all our ponies, you will not find their equal anywhere else in Australia. 


You can rely on the reputation of GCEC, our coaches and staff when looking for your horse.

Our ponies and horses for sale range $18,500 to $25,000.

If you are interested in trying one of our great ponies or horses, we will ask you to book for a Private Lesson with one of our experienced coaches: $125 for 45 minutes when trying one horse. This included professional advice during and after your trial. We coach riders of all levels all year, so it is easy for us to guide you and to assess both rider and horse together.

We are very honest in our judgement as we want our pony/horse to be happy in his future family.

We have sold many ponies sight unseen throughout Australia the past 10 years, here is a reference you can read from one of our happy client Petrina Clemons in Tasmania, she purchased her two ponies sight unseen from us :


PONY NUMBER2******* I bought a second pony from Daniele of Gold Coast Equestrian Centre, a few months ago, and am once again over the moon with my purchase. I bought her sight unseen based purely on her recommendation. And boy did she nail it. This pony had been born and trained exclusively to function in the riding school. Which she did successfully until she came to me at 9 years of age. The pony she is now is a tribute to how she was treated in the school, and she is amazing. Needless to say, when Daniele made me an offer I couldn’t refuse, I accepted quickly before she changed her mind!😂. Daniele’s main concern was retiring her to a forever home to a good family. I feel very special to have acquired 2 of these miraculous ponies and am writing this review as a testament to the positive experiences I have had. I can’t thank Gold Coast Equestrian and Daniele, enough! It’s no word of a lie, that these ponies have made my daughters the luckiest two girls in the world!!

I had wonderful experience buying a pony from Daniele from GC Equestrian for my anxious daughter. He is everything that she said and more. He has the most wonderful temperament and had amazing training and experience, especially for a horse of 7 years. He is my daughter’s best friend and a much-loved member of our family. Daniele ensured that he was coming to a good home and we paid an extremely fair price for the horse we got. His welfare was definitely paramount. Thank you so much Daniele, your love for you horses shines through, and I am forever grateful that you chose us.

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All Videos

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It is a very good idea to wear long pants and boots, if you have them, every time you are onsite at GCEC. Even if you are not riding closed in shoes are a great idea. If you don't have boots, sneakers or other similar closed shoes will suffice. Sanitised helmets will be provided by the school if you are riding.

Plan to arrive 15 mins earlier than your scheduled appointment or lesson.

Please note that bookings are non-refundable, no cancellations due to bad weather as we have an undercover arena. 

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Tuesday - Friday 7:00am - 12.30pm / 2:30pm - 6:00pm

Saturday 7:00am - 1.30am

Send text messages to: 0499 099 901

Send emails to: 

Your inquiries are important to us. As our site team and coaches are typically hard at work during business hours and cell phones are not permitted in the equestrian areas of the centre we can't always take your call.  To ensure your inquiry doesn't get missed, we prefer you contact us by text message or email rather than phone call as we aren't always able to receive voice calls.  Better still, use our online booking service to secure your spot.

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