If you are on holidays in the Gold Coast and would like to ride, come visit us.
We organise tourists lessons if you would like to learn and improve your riding. Our member riders have priority to our lessons spots but we will do our best to find a time for you, don't hesitate to ask.

Tourists lessons prices :

Private lesson (1 or 2 riders max):

30 min : $90
Longer lessons available, please enquire for prices.

Group lesson (3+ riders) :

45 min : $75

We organise as well some trail rides, they last 1 hour, including 15mn of lesson in the arena to begin with to learn the safety rules before heading off to the forest and river. We need a minimum of 2 riders to book a trail ride, and maximum 6. Our horses & ponies are very well trained and reliable. It is a great idea for a family time out to experience horse riding on the Gold Coast ! For the confort of our horses, we do not accept riders over 95kg.

We confirm bookings only when booking form and payment are sent. Please allow a few days prior to trail ride to organise booking and payment.

1 hour trail ride : $100 per adult and $90 per child under 13 yo