Welcome to Gold Coast Equestrian Centre

Gold Coast Equestrian Centre is a family owned riding school where our main goal is to teach people how to ride horses in a safe and respectful manner. Located in Clagiraba (South East Queensland), we have more than 40 horses on a 50 acre property. We offer horse riding lessons on our school horses. We are the only Australian riding school to teach riders without having to buy their own horse. We have horses for every size and level to accommodate every rider.

We teach beginners all the way through to advanced riders. We can start working with young riders from the age of 3yo. We have a great experience in teaching children, beginners, and advanced riders and have set up our facilities to European standards. We have taught hundreds of riders from day one, with patience, knowledge and very well trained school horses. Riders can progress very fast, we have some competing within a year of be
ginning lessons.

Our horses and ponies are professionally trained and cared for. This makes it easier for our young and beginner riders to have a positive start and gain confidence.